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The Forum (formerly Important Shit That Doesn't Matter) is a podcast about the internet, social media, and life online hosted by former roommates and current friends Ian Griffin Adams (The Unemployed Show) and Alise Morales (UCB, Difficult People).

With hilarious guests, weekly updates on what's trending, and a running list of embarrassing AIM screennames, The Forum well make you love, or at least tolerate, life on the world wide web. Like and subscribe!


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ian adams

Ian Griffin Adams is a very low tier hack-ass producer performer and consistent podcaster, living in Brooklyn, New York. He was the former host of “Important Shit That Doesn’t Matter” (a podcast about all the internets problems) and produces hot audio out of his basement. 



alise morales

Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is an improviser on UCBT's Lloyd Night, and Managing Editor/Video Producer at Betches. In 2012 she was a featured standup in MTVU's College Quickies series and she is a member of the video sketch trio Horrible Insane Girl, which premiered on IFC's Comedy Crib in May 2015. Her series Triffany & Briffney was an official comedy selection for 2016's New York TV Fest.  Alise is also the head writer at The Betches Sup, a thrice weekly political newsletter and comedy channel which boasts over 50,000 subscibers. Additionally, Alise is one of the hosts of the Important Shit That Doesn't Matter podcast as well as many live shows including Cool Show (not lame) and The Roast of Your 15 Year Old Self. You can see her performing all over the city and in festivals across the country. In 2017, she began touring as one of the hosts of Pottercon and will appear in Difficult People, season 3. 



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